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NEW Module 4: Preparing for College and the Workforce

Help prepare your students for the opportunities and challenges of life after high school. These engaging, interactive lessons start with students envisioning their long-term life goals then mapping an attainable course to reach those goals. They learn how to create dynamic college applications, build social-emotional (SEL) skills for handling academic pressure, develop employability skills, and practice smart decision-making for independent living.

Many 11th and 12th grade students are under tremendous pressure to meet deadlines and expectations. Module 4 provides step-by-step college and job application guidelines while also helping students learn to self-motivate and move forward, avoid over-stressing, manage anxiety through mindfulness techniques, and build skills for mental health and well-being.

"The whole college process is kind of scary, but a good kind of scary, sort of like waiting in line for a roller coaster."
- Gabby G., High School Student

Module 4:

Preparing for College and the Workforce makes planning and preparation easy for teachers, students, and their parents.

20 PowerPoint-based Lessons for:
  • Navigating College Applications & Essays
  • Alleviating Stress and Anxiety
  • Interviewing Effectively
  • Providing Customer Service
  • Practicing Teamwork
  • Understanding Financial Literacy
  • Preparing for Independent Living

Module 4 Table of Contents

4.1: Thinking Ahead About Life After High School
4.2: Charting Your Future
4.3: Motivating Yourself & Moving Forward
4.4: Navigating College Applications
4.5: Writing Your College Essays
4.6: Rethinking Stress
4.7: Understanding Mindfulness
4.8: Skill Building for Mental Health & Well-Being

4.9: Writing a Resume
4.10: Interviewing Effectively
4:.11: Developing a Work Ethic
4.12: Practicing Teamwork
4.13: Providing Customer Service
4.14: Problem Solving in the Workplace
4.15: Responding to Feedback
4.16: Negotiating an Agreement

4:17: Building a Budget
4:18: Understanding Financial Literacy
4:19: Living on Your Own & with Roommates
4:20: Choosing Wisely
Culminating Project: Transitioning Successfully